A quick how-to on adding your blogs to a personal site.

A cheat sheet on 5 common hooks…




An Introduction to Node.Js

Node.JS Logo

What is Node.Js ?

Going over: If, Else, Switch & For, For..Of, For…In, While

Loops…yum :)


If Statement

Syntax & Example

The else Statement

Syntax & Example

The else if Statement

Introduction to Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)

Example of SVG Text

Refresher on Git Branches

What is Branching?

A introduction to JSX! (HTML and JavaScript Copt Cat)

What is JSX?

An Introduction to React Hooks

React Hooks: A Class Component Worse Nightmare?

Why use Hooks?

Review of the Fundamentals of ReactJS

Lets Review React!

Karina Guerra

Salvadoreña exploring the world of coding. Petting animals and building things that help people and the environment are my two biggest passions :) Based in NYC.

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