A quick how-to on adding your blogs to a personal site.

It is highly suggest that every software engineer should have their own portfolio site to display their projects and hard work. Along with a section for your projects, you should also have a section for any blogs you written up! When I started working on my portfolio site, I had a lot of difficulty adding my medium blogs. I need a solution that would automatically update my site with new blog post.

Unfortunately, Medium is hard to work with. I searched all over the internet looking for help and solutions. Some were outdated and others were too unnecessarily complicated. However…

A cheat sheet on 5 common hooks…

In a previous blog, I introduced the topic of React Hooks, which is a new feature that has been becoming increasingly popular. Over the course of my projects and volunteer work, I wanted to share the 6 common hooks you can come across.


const [state, setState] = useState(initialState);

This react hook returns a state value and function that we can use to change that value. In combination, we use the setState function to update the state. (The value can be of any data type!).



This react hooks accepts a function that will run after every render of the application…

Learn useful Git command!

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the importance of having a clean git workflow and discussed important tips of merging branches. I wanted to tackle the topic of Github and Git Commands but on a broader scale!

Version Control is such an important aspect of technological development workflow. I hope to create a cheat sheet of important git commands that every developer should know to have a successful and fluid work flow. I will also go over the basics of Git in general. …

An Introduction to Node.Js

Node.JS Logo

As I solidify my knowledge on JavaScript, I wanted to branch out to learn more frameworks and programming languages. And Node.Js is the first one I will tackle! I am sure there will be plenty more blogs as I dive deeper into Node.JS so stay tune that. Now Let’s begin!

What is Node.Js ?

Introduced by Ryan Dhal in 2009, Node.Js, or Node, is a free open-source, server-side JavaScript runtime environment. In other words, it is a lightweight web framework that allows us to execute code outside of a web browser. Normally, we use JavaScript to operate on the client side to manipulate the…

Going over: If, Else, Switch & For, For..Of, For…In, While

Loops…yum :)

Today is going to be a quick and short guide through JavaScript Loops & Conditionals. This was the first thing I learned in JavaScript and after learning loops, I felt like a real coder! So here will be my quick guide to those basic concepts and their syntax! I will first begin with conditionals and move on to loops. So let’s begin!


If Statement

The if conditional statement is executed only if the condition is true.

Syntax & Example

The else Statement

The else statement is used to execute a block of code when the condition is false.

Syntax & Example

The else if Statement

The else if statement is used to when…

Introduction to Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)

Example of SVG Text

While working on my volunteer project, I have discovered the beauty of Scalable Vector Graphics aka SVG. They are great alternatives to PNG and JPEG. In this blog, I will introduce SVG and give a brief tutorial on how to use them!

Refresher on Git Branches

Over the past few weeks, I have been volunteering with a non-profit organization to work on educational web application. This is the first time I worked on a project with more than 3 people. There are about 10 ten people collaborating on this project. This has certainly been an intimidating but fun experience so far.

As I am working, I have become more aware of how important collaboration and GitHub flow are in the development of a project. Conflicts in git merges can be a headache. So for this blog, I want to revisit the core concept of branching.

What is Branching?


A introduction to JSX! (HTML and JavaScript Copt Cat)

When you first learn about ReactJS, you get introduced to this HTML-like syntax known as JSX. It looks like HTML but at the same time, it looks like JavaScript? Well its actually neither! In this post, I will talk about what JSX is and why we use it for React projects.

What is JSX?

JSX stands for JavaScript XML. This React extension allows us to write HTML elements with JavaScript without using methods like createElement(). We are able to write DOM-like tree structures directly into our JavaScript and React components. It produces “React elements”. These describe what we want to the UI to…

An Introduction to React Hooks

React Hooks: A Class Component Worse Nightmare?

Today we are going to talk about React Hooks. About two year ago, React v16.8 introduced us to the game changing concept of React Hooks. Basically, React Hooks allows you to use state and other React features without writing a single class component. That’s a big deal!

When I first learned about React, I was immediately taught about the differences between Functional Components and Class Components. If our component needed to deal with state, I was told to make a class components because Functional Components did not have access to state or lifecycle methods. React Hooks changes that.

Why use Hooks?

Without Hooks…

Review of the Fundamentals of ReactJS

As I go through the motions of post graduation job searching, I wanted to go back to the basics as a way to solidify my knowledge on everything I learned in the past four months. In this series that I have titled as “Back To Basics”, I take a look at broad topics and break it down to its core. Maybe it can help another fellow programmer going through a boot camp or a refresher for anyone who needs it.

Lets Review React!

In this article, I will be going over the fundamentals of React. I will be breaking down the core concepts…

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